Careers in Early Care and Education Directory – Sixth Edition

Child Care Services Association and its T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® National Center are excited to release the sixth edition of the Careers in Early Care and Education Directory. This directory was created to introduce you to a variety of wide-ranging careers in the early childhood field, from child care providers to trainers, regulators, consultants and more. It contains a sampling of different types of employment opportunities in early childhood education and the type of formal education that may be required.

This edition has added profiles of new career opportunities that began trending since the fifth edition was published. Each of the careers profiled introduces you to real people from across the country who are currently working in critical roles with young children and their families or performing other specialized functions on behalf of the workforce.

Today, there are tremendous opportunities available to support early childhood educators’ professional development and growth. Higher education institutions are offering robust ECE associate and bachelor’s degree-granting programs composed of coursework that is accessible in various formats. To help remove roadblocks to accessing education, there are various workforce initiatives across the country that offer scholarships to help educators earn a debt-free college education. Comprehensively designed ECE apprenticeship opportunities have become increasingly available. These promising programs can be used as recruitment and retention strategies to attract aspirational teachers into the field. They can provide individuals with real-time exposure to on-the-job learning experiences, mentoring supports, wage progression and access to higher education.

Find the right early childhood career for you with the sixth edition of the Careers in Early Care and Education Directory!