2022-2023 Child Care WAGE$ ® National Participant Outcomes, Outputs and Demographics

Educated, compensated and consistent/stable teachers are critical to the successful growth and development of young children. WAGE$ is an evidence-informed model that advances the education level of early educators, increases their compensation levels and results in the retention of a qualified early care and education workforce.

“This supplement allowed me to complete my education so that I am a more effective teacher to the children in my care. I have the skills and knowledge needed to make sure they enter into kindergarten ready to succeed. I use my WAGE$ supplement to help purchase materials for my classroom to enhance the children’s learning environment.”

Center Teacher


Funding — Nearly $23.5 million invested in WAGE$ salary supplements

Participants 9,924 teachers, directors, and home providers participated in WAGE$

Compensation $1,271 was the average six-month supplement amount


Education — 62% of active WAGE$ participants either have an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education or higher or submitted documentation that they had completed additional coursework during the year